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The Manic Few Weeks Ahead

Its official,my life is completely hectic

The long awaited launch at Chatsworth Horse Trials

So, the launch of my tweed range finally arrived.

Chatsworth International Horse Trials

So, just under 3 weeks to go, till the launch of my long awaited tweed range at Chatsworth International Horse Trials

Life being Tweedy Gromett

So, the hype of the Great British Sewing Bee is finally over and has been replaced by another reality show about allotment enthusiasts.

General update

Firstly, I must apologize for not being around for a couple of weeks. My life is officially mad at the moment and on top of that,I have profuse hayfever ,which is particularly annoying when I am so busy.

Sewing For Pleasure- Birmingham NEC

The other Bees and I had a fantastic day out at the Birmingham NEC on Friday the 21st March at the Sewing for Pleasure Convention.

How to make

This week, I am going to tell you how to put turn ups on a pair of trousers you are making.

Tips on where to buy your Fabric

Buying fabric is great fun, but you've got to hold back a bit. I know its easy when you see a bargain to think "Oh, that will come in handy, if I make a nuns outfit for my pet guinea pig" but the chances are, yer never will!

How to make the most of your patterns

My first advice on pattern choosing is to look further than the models on the cover, Most of them look like Barbie rejects or Kylie Minogue wannabees,with big hair, wearing, outfits made of the worst fabrics they could find.