The Manic Few Weeks Ahead

Its official,my life is completely hectic

Talk about being a busy bee, I most certainy am!!

If you noticed my 'about us ' section on my website has changed slightly and no longer shows a picture of the tailor I was using. Unfortunatley and I am going to be perfectly honest,things just were not working out. Have you ever had that feeling when you have embarked on something,that its not quite right,well I had that feeling and I took steps to rectify it.

Well now ive got that out of the way,I can tell you about the exciting things ahead in the coming weeks. I have employed a new tailor who specializes in waistcoats. Though I say so myself,they are bloody awesome. They fully appreciate what I am trying to achieve and have shown an immense amount of patience,in what has been a time consuming affair. In a matter of days,they have fulfilled my orders of baby waistcoats, even  cuter little skirts and my favourite of all the things, I have designed,some very neat and sweet hotpants for young ladies .On top of that i have made some matching bibs to keep those lovely waistcoats clean whilst the babies enjoy a jaffa cake or two!!

So ,on to my diary, 25th June,I shall be traveliing to Hickstead with my folding camper in tow full of my stock and my new cabinets lined out with led lights to show off my waistcoats. Its just so exciting. I return on the Sunday and on the 3rd July I am travelling to Burford to judge the fashion show of the most enthusiastic and bright students I have ever met. I was lucky enough to meet the textile teacher while judging a fashion show at Birmingham NEC and was invited to Burford school in Oxford to inspire the young girls . It was the easiest job in the world, as they were so enthusiastic after my little talk. They were full of ideas and I just can't wait to see what they have produced. I am hoping the teachers will then take pity on me and show me the local eateries and maybe partake in a drink or two!!

On 6 July ,I shall then be headlining a fashion designers event in The Ridings shopping centre Wakefield. I will be having a catwalk to some very trendy music and my models will even be throwing a few moves out. I shall also be making an appearance myself on the catwalk,just cos ive always wanted to swagger with my tweeds on! the music I have picked is so upbeat,it will  be like the advert you see on the tv,where everyone starts dancing. Well I don't wnat to flood your heads with stuff ,so after i collect my stock tomorrow ,i will give you a sneaky preview  of my new stuff and post a few piccies. Maybe I should write to David Cameron and request it be made compulsory that every child from the age of 3 months MUST wear a waistcoat!!

Posted: 19th June 2014