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and it was worth the wait. My waistcoats are looking amazing (though I say so myself) ! I just wish someone could invent an app so you could put your hand on the screen and feel the quality of the fabric. It fair gives me goosebumps when I feel the little cashmere waistcoats for toddlers and its something you will not find anywhere else.  My web guys have doen an awesome job at introducing close up pics, so at least you can see the fibres.

Anyway,less of bigging my waistcoats up and onto future events. I have just done a gruelling week (and yes I mean gruelling) 14 hour working day with a 2 hour traffic queue morning and night,not my idea of a good time,but I did get to meet some lovely people,not just customers but other stall holders. Ive got loads of new mate since Istarted this trading mullarky.Its great. The best part of the job for me is meeting people,flogging a few waistcoats is always a bonus too!

One of the hardest things about the Yorkshire show was being in a marquee straight opposite the Black Sheep beer tent. I love Black Sheep and one kind customer took pity on me and went to fetch me one!!!

Anyway,next week I am Hickstead bound,the second time in 5 weeks. It is such a beautiful setting,spending evenings on the polo club patio,with a glass of their finest beer!  I am beginning to sound like I have a problem.Yes, there are things I absolutley love about being a trader and that is certainly one of them. Lets hope they love my waistcoats as much as I love their club!

I will let you know how it goes!

Posted: 21st July 2014