Sewing For Pleasure- Birmingham NEC

The other Bees and I had a fantastic day out at the Birmingham NEC on Friday the 21st March at the Sewing for Pleasure Convention.

We were very privileged to be part of the judging panel for the Young Fashion Designers Competition. The outfits made by the girls were awesome and I hope we were well enough behaved to be asked back. I was very humbled by the amount of people that wanted photographs taken.These beautiful photographs taken by Megan Hemsworth, who I am sure has a bright future ahead of her in fashion photography.

Sewing for pleasure Birmingham 2014

Posted: 23rd March 2014


Julie Gromett

What kind of fashion competition is it. Are the students designing and making their own garments. Are you having a theme? If you email me at I may be able to offer some assistance and give the students some advice on the types of fabrics and finishes, they should be using. My background is ballroom dresses and I now have my own label specialising in tweeds, so i've pretty much sewn everything.


Anne Lenton

Thank you for offering to visit our school - we are in Burford, Oxfordshire so maybe a little too far... ? Let me know because I am about to organise a fashion competition at school so any input would be great! Thanks, Anne.


Julie Gromett

And so you should be a very proud textile teacher, but she became so good because she had a very good teacher who should be proud of herself too! I was a late starter in this industry but I'm loving it. I am launching my range of tweedy baby clothes at Chatsworth horse trials, so its a very exciting time. Tell Megan to check out my new photos which I shall be posting in next couple of days. Lots o love Julie Grom, and if you want me to drop in at your school to tell kids why they should sew, let me know!


Anne Lenton

It was great meeting you at the NEC last Friday. I'm glad you like Megan's photos - she has done so well in Textiles, A* at GCSE and now completing her Level 3 BTEC then off to university for Fashion Photography. From her very proud textiles teacher.


Julie Gromett

Hiya, lavender attic,please give me your first name or shall I call you lavender. its such a sweet name. Yes I love Fabworks in Dewsbury.I go there a lot


Lavender Attic

Hi Julie, Lovely photos and enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for tweeting me about my blog too. Think you are from not too far away from me, have you visited Fabworks at Dewsbury for fab wool fabric? Sally x