General update

Firstly, I must apologize for not being around for a couple of weeks. My life is officially mad at the moment and on top of that,I have profuse hayfever ,which is particularly annoying when I am so busy.

On Friday the 4th April 2014,I was at the London Excel with the Queen of Yoga, Tamara Melvin, my fellow contestant of the Great British Sewing Bee. We were invited to judge the schools young fashion designers competition. The theme was Paris and the winner based her dress on a romantic poem about love and her dress cleverly had the design of the Eiffel Tower for fine straps. How very chic! I hope it encourages other youngsters to take up this age old art of sewing. The day was going so well, till I went to the bar and purchased a glass of wine and 2 beers, threw £20 on the counter ,and was told , it wasn't enough. Eeek, £10.50 for a glass of wine. I swiftly headed back to Yorkshire where you can be 3 bottles of wine in any supermarket for £10.

On another note, sadly, this years series of the Great British Sewing Bee draws to an end with the final being on Tuesday. I hope you have all enjoyed seeing the contestants sweat with desperation and I hope it has inspired you all to have a go. It is amazing what you can achieve when you try and it really does make you feel good when you turn your visions into something that fits well and all your friends compliment you. (that's if you have any friends of course!) I have made some friends for life on the show. I laughed till I could hardly speak and when I needed a shoulder to cry on and just a little encouragement, they were all there for me. so to all the other Bees bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.xxxxx

Posted: 6th April 2014