Life being Tweedy Gromett

So, the hype of the Great British Sewing Bee is finally over and has been replaced by another reality show about allotment enthusiasts.

Fine, if you are into that kind of thing, personally I prefer to buy my fruit and veg already grown from that well known 'vegetarie' called Lidl. I don't have the patience to be a gardner, therapeutic as it is, I prefer to be on a sewing machine where I can see my end product in a couple of hours, not months!!!

Time is not on my side at the moment. I have 4 weeks till I launch my Tweedy Gromett label at Chatsworth International Horse Trials (stand A21) if you fancy a trip out. I am busy working closely with my new business partners Ron and Val, who are the real grafters behind the outfit, trying to ensure we have enough stock for the event. Very stressful, I can tell you, but my god, its a complete adrenalin rush when you see those cute little baby tweeds, hanging on an equally cute vintage rail, just ready to be snapped up by the discerning customer who knows a bit of nice cloth when they see it! here is sample.

Harris Tweed waistcoat and flap cap

Posted: 16th April 2014


Julie Gromett

Hi Anne,the launch of my label is on the 16th May at Chatsworth. I am sooo looking forward to coming and meeting the girls and hopefully will give them a few things to think about. I shall fetch a couple of waistcoats with me for you to see. The age range is from 3 months right through to adults, ladies and gents. I am going to be posting some onto my blog later today.



I love that waistcoat! My granddaughter will be three in July - do you do that age too or just babies? I am looking forward to seeing you in May to hear more about the range. Good luck with the launch at Chatsworth - what is the date of it?