Our Story


I learnt to sew around 2009, more out of necessity than a burning desire. My daughter was a ballroom dancer and dresses were becoming more difficult to get hold of and more importantly, more expensive. I thought I would have a go at making them myself and therefore signed up for a local dressmaking course. My daughter packed up dancing, but I was left with the legacy of being able to sew and have never looked back.

Buying clothes always posed a problem for me, as I'm shapeless and sadly, short. I loved tweed, but could never find any ,in a style I really liked . Being able to produce my own clothes made me feel  completely liberated.  I could finally wear clothes that actually fit well, I made  everything from skirts, trousers, shirts and ties. It was then I decided to apply for the BBC2's Great British Sewing Bee and was chosen from thousands of applicants after a series of interviews screen tests and sewing challenges. The Daily Mail labelled me the "Unruly working class northerner" and somehow that's kind of stuck!! Maybe there's a smidging of truth in that.

Fresh from being kicked off the Sewing Bee, I decided to create my own Tweedy business. Bursting with passion and enthusiasm, I found a local tailor to support me  in my mission to tweed the world. And so Tweedy Gromett was born.

All my products are made from 100% British wool and are produced in my home county of Yorkshire. I offer Made to Measure appointments and now cater for Weddings, Occasional, Shooting and Riding wear, right from birth through to adults. If you have any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.